England Woodland Burial Parks
Graham Brown of Out of Nowhere was commissioned by Colney Memorial Parks Ltd in 2000 to design buildings for the companies first Woodland Burial Park in Norwich.

This was to be the first of a series of burial park sites around the UK that the company would develop. Out of Nowhere has subsequently seen a further two sites at Epping and Beaconsfield from design to completion.

The project wrought a fusion of personal ideals from a number of talented individuals. John Dejardin, a landscape architect passionate about productive and natural landscape. Nick Taylor, a third generation funeral director who felt that people were often badly let people down at the time of a loved ones death. James Boddy, visionary land owner, and his brother Donald Boddy who had travelled the world looking at burial sites, and finally Graham Brown.
  Together they, with other participants, married these fundamentals into what is now called the "Colney Concept" - a way of providing people with the time, space, support and environment to truly honour the death of a loved one.

It was also set within company intention that these sites would be examples of sustainable development on all levels.

12 acres of derelict woodland where transformed by an innovative arboreal and burial management regime designed by John Dejardin, which will return the site to a natural English woodland over a 100 year period.

The sacred and sustainable buildings where designed to merge with this natural landscape. The Woodland Burial Parks at Epping and Beaconsfield have followed this blueprint.

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