Uganda African Peace Hub - Munyonyo

Symbolic Peace Statement and Peace Garden
This structure symbolically places African wisdom at the heart of global transformation.

The structure is the first element of the overall design and stands within the entrance pathway to the Central Peacebuilding of the complex.

It comprises of a seven sided Reciprocal Frame under which a traditional spear burying ceremony has been enacted.

It was decided that the African Peace Hub should be inaugurated by the opening of the site as Peace Garden with its Symbolic Peace statement, at the African Union summit at Munyonyo on July 24, 2010.

The bush site was cleared by contractors and with a massive effort by Speke Resort gardeners and local builders, over a 3 day period, the garden and the Symbolic Peace Statement were completed an hour before the inauguration, which was presided over by President Yoweri Museveni.

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