Uganda African Peace Hub - Munyonyo
The African Peace Hub (APH) concept was proposed by President Yoweri K. Museveni of Uganda at the Global 2009 SMART Partnership International Dialogue, held at Munyonyo, Kampala, Uganda July 2009.
This followed the acknowledgement by delegates that peace was the major obstacle to the sustainable development and well being of Africa.

The initiative was supported by Heads and ex-Heads of Government in attendance including President Jakaya Kikwete of Tanzania,, President Robert Mugabe, President Rupia Banda, King Mswati II (of Swaziland), Deputy Prime Miniser of Malaysia, Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, Tun Datuk Mahatir Mohammed (former Prime Minister of Malaysia), Sir Ketumile Masire (former President of Botswana).

This determination was actualised by delegates in a tribal spear burying ceremony where spears are driven in the earth head-down in a circle of reconciliation.
  Outwardly the concept is to build a peace haven at Munyonyo on the banks of Lake Victoria, as a secure place where national and international representatives can gather for dialogue related to peace and security across the continent.

Graham Brown, Peacebuildings director, met with presidential aides at Munyonyo to discuss concept and create a Reciprocal Frame design for the peace hub in March 2010.

The Presidents vision was that Munyonyo could become a hub in virtuous wheel of peaceful and sustainable developments being supported in outlying regions and other nations from the body of experience developed and held within the centre

Peacebuildings brings its methodologies for mirroring the inner journey to the outer iconic work of design and construction to this concept.

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