Judean Desert Peacebuildings ME
The Judean Desert region, is an area easily accessible to both Palestinians and Israelis.

This natural and pristine environment is an iconic setting for the deep Peacebuilding work necessary to be able to meet the deeply embedded conflict within the peoples of the region.

In many respects it is only a return to the desert where life is stripped bare, as both an internal and external journey, which will enable a completely new foundation for peaceful and sustainable co-existence to emerge.

It is from the place peace and quite, which resides beyond history, that Peacebuilding participants will work and dialogue to find new ways of being with each other and the earth they cherish so much.
At present the project is seeking to secure a site extending to 200-300 dunams (50-80 acres) and is in negotiation with the owner.

This is all dependent upon Planning and Military approvals.

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