In a peaceful world

each of us has place

and our contribution honoured.


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John Dejardin Projects - Colney Woodland Burial Park - Masterplan ---
Carlos Marques Technical - Community Hospice - Masterplan ---
Bite Design Projects - Uganda African Peace Hub - CAD drawings
Hugh Adamson Projects - Roundhouse Findhorn - CAD upper & ground floors ---
A number of people have made significant contributions to the development and production of this site.

Mark Leonard, Robin Leonard, Justina Curtis, Sarah Brown, Chloe Goodchild, Morad Eghbal, Dave Barr, Samantha Langford and Claudine Désirée. All have been willing to brainstorm sometimes deep into the night with the conceptual development.

A big thank you to those who independently trawled through the text eradicating the glories of my somewhat dyslexic self. The grammatical idiosyncrasies that remain are determinedly my own.

My deep appreciation and love to all.

Graham Brown - August 2010


Name Description External Link
Robin Leonard Method - Reciprocal Frame animation sequence ---
Zoriah Projects - Haiti
Justina Curtis Technical - Reciprocal Frame ---
John DeJardin Projects - Woodland Burial Parks ---
R. N. Flowers Projects - Woodland Burial Parks ---
Jean-Pierre Hallet Legacy - Children
NASA Introduction - Blue Marble (Earth)
Paul Downey PayPal - Thank you


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Albert Einstein Introduction

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Bite Design Archicad (CAD)
Encina Ltd Objective Package (CAD)
Linode LLC Linux VPS (Virtual Private Server) Provider

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