Judean Desert Peacebuildings ME
Peacebuildings Middle East is a fusion of international and local determination to move toward peaceful and sustainable co-existence in the area. Graham Brown and Ilana Meallem, the founder of Eco ME, met in Scotland in spring 2010 and quickly realised the complimentary nature of their work. The project is based upon this interconnection.

A vision statement by Ilana Meallem.
Presently, there are very few locations for Israelis and Palestinians to meet that do not necessitate the Palestinian participants acquiring travel permits from the Israeli army; an often humiliating and unsuccessful process. If permits are granted hours are spent collecting Palestinian participants from the local military office and passing the checkpoints. The “hosting” by the Israeli side also leads to a sense of unbalance from the beginning and does not set the right tone of equality needed for such delicate meetings. Hence, organisations that run dialogue and co-operation programs often take participants outside the region (e.g. to Jordan, Cyprus, Turkey and the US) for short periods of time in order to find mutual ground.
Not only is this very costly but when participants return home they are again faced with the challenge of follow up and finding an easily accessible and nurturing location to meet. It is therefore clear that regional social, political and environmental activists need a "home", a place to run conferences, workshops and trainings, that feels jointly owned, and is envisioned and built by us. This centre can host the Israeli-Palestinian NGO forum yearly conferences, trainings in non-violent communication, Arava Institute conferences and internships, Sulha youth and adult workshops, embodied leadership trainings, permeculture, renewable energy and eco-building seminars, joint Arabic and Hebrew summer schools and much more.

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