Financial Structure

Directors / Trustees
Peacebuildings is structured as a Scottish not for profit company limited by guarantee. We are currently in application for charitable status in Scotland and anticipate that this will be granted shortly.

All funding is held in open book accounting in compliance with law applicable to Scottish Charities.

Each project has a ring-fenced budget with central administration costs distinct and identifiable.

Company Details

Name Peacebuildings
Address The Roundhouse Studio, Findhorn, Moray, Scotland IV36 3YY
Status Not for Profit - Limited by Guarantee
Number 393075
Registered 8th February 2011

Charitable Status

Number To be announced

Graham Brown
Founder, Director & Trustee
Designer, engineer, craftsman, teacher, acupuncturist, businessman, musician, poet.

Graham Brown entered the world of design through seven years of training and work in automotive body design at GM Vauxhall.

After receiving a post-graduate diploma from Loughborough University he taught design, technology and graphics at a Leicestershire Community College.

By 1980 he had opened a furniture design studio and also embarked upon a three year intensive acupunctural course that resulted in establishing his own acupunctural practice.

By 1987 he had visualised and brought forth the Reciprocal Frame, established Out of Nowhere and has since designed and constructed some 40 Reciprocal Frame buildings from sanctuaries to £2.5 million Woodland Burial Park schemes.
Graham awoke to his inner life age 12 when he scared himself silly with yoga, meditation and pranayama practices A life of study, teachings and surrender has left him following his own nose.

Initiating Peacebuildings is his response to the powerful and demanding times in which we live.
It is a fusion of the inner and outer worlds that he has lived.

He is an accomplished musician playing guitar from the age of 12.

Poetry, guitar, song and tango are a succour and lifeblood to him.

John Stevens
Accountant & Financial Adviser
John has been practising on his own account since 1981, he is currently Senior Partner at Wilson Stevens Accountants and Business Advisers of London.

John prides himself on his ability to recognise clients' needs and to help facilitate the achievement of their dreams and ambitions.

Whilst most of John's assistance focuses on financial and business matters and wealth creation, he holds the strong belief that real wealth only comes from having a balance of asset, family, fun, community, work and health.
John's most precious assets are his wife, Malti, his five beautiful daughters, Yasmin, Karina, Zoe, Riya and Ashani and his male counterpart, his grandson, Leon.

John's most important monetary measures are: -

  • "Earn more than you spend"; and
  • "Have more assets than liabilities".

Whilst John is certainly not risk adverse, he believes in sound financial planning and expert advice.

Morad Eghbal
Morad Eghbal's professional body of work represents an unusual combination of both professional, business, and academic endeavours over nearly four decades.

Eghbal has consulted for governments, commercial businesses, non-governmental organisations, and private individuals on natural resources and water development, transfer pricing and foreign currency exchange and payments and private, public partnerships.

Eghbal has had more than two decades of experience in teaching at university, having taught international law (international business transactions, international finance law, comparative law, and comparative constitutional law), legal, ethical and historical studies, and international management.
Eghbal clerked for the Honourable William B. Bryant, United States District Court for the District of Columbia, and served as a foreign associate at Pestalozzi, Gmuer and Heiz (now Pestalozzi, Lachenal and Patry).

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