Graham Brown
Founder, Director & Trustee
Designer, engineer, craftsman, teacher, acupuncturist, businessman, musician, poet.

Graham Brown entered the world of design through seven years of training and work in automotive body design at GM Vauxhall.

After receiving a post-graduate diploma from Loughborough University he taught design, technology and graphics at a Leicestershire Community College.

By 1980 he had opened a furniture design studio and also embarked upon a three year intensive acupunctural course that resulted in establishing his own acupunctural practice.

By 1987 he had visualised and brought forth the Reciprocal Frame, established Out of Nowhere and has since designed and constructed some 40 Reciprocal Frame buildings from sanctuaries to £2.5 million Woodland Burial Park schemes.
Graham awoke to his inner life age 12 when he scared himself silly with yoga, meditation and pranayama practices A life of study, teachings and surrender has left him following his own nose.

Initiating Peacebuildings is his response to the powerful and demanding times in which we live.
It is a fusion of the inner and outer worlds that he has lived.

He is an accomplished musician playing guitar from the age of 12.

Poetry, guitar, song and tango are a succour and lifeblood to him.

John Stevens
Accountant & Financial Adviser
John has been practising on his own account since 1981, he is currently Senior Partner at Wilson Stevens Accountants and Business Advisers of London.

John prides himself on his ability to recognise clients' needs and to help facilitate the achievement of their dreams and ambitions.

Whilst most of John's assistance focuses on financial and business matters and wealth creation, he holds the strong belief that real wealth only comes from having a balance of asset, family, fun, community, work and health.
John's most precious assets are his wife, Malti, his five beautiful daughters, Yasmin, Karina, Zoe, Riya and Ashani and his male counterpart, his grandson, Leon.

John's most important monetary measures are: -

  • "Earn more than you spend"; and
  • "Have more assets than liabilities".

Whilst John is certainly not risk adverse, he believes in sound financial planning and expert advice.

Morad Eghbal
Morad Eghbal's professional body of work represents an unusual combination of both professional, business, and academic endeavours over nearly four decades.

Eghbal has consulted for governments, commercial businesses, non-governmental organisations, and private individuals on natural resources and water development, transfer pricing and foreign currency exchange and payments and private, public partnerships.

Eghbal has had more than two decades of experience in teaching at university, having taught international law (international business transactions, international finance law, comparative law, and comparative constitutional law), legal, ethical and historical studies, and international management.
Eghbal clerked for the Honourable William B. Bryant, United States District Court for the District of Columbia, and served as a foreign associate at Pestalozzi, Gmuer and Heiz (now Pestalozzi, Lachenal and Patry).

Peter Penfold
Peter is a retired diplomat and former British High Commissioner to Sierra Leone.

Before his retirement in January 2002 Peter Penfold was a member of the British Diplomatic Service for 38 years, most of which time was spent serving in, or in contact with, Africa and the Caribbean (especially Commonwealth countries), covering all aspects of diplomatic life.

He was responsible for advising and implementing policy on relations with Africa and the Caribbean, including conflict prevention / resolution, the administration of Britain's overseas territories and combating the drugs problem.

He served in various "hotspots" around the world, witnessing several coups, insurrections, civil wars, kidnappings and hurricanes, and oversaw several successful evacuations of the British and international communities. He was awarded the CMG (1995) and OBE (1986).
British High Commissioner to Sierra Leone.

He was closely identified with the country's attempts to embrace democracy and achieve stability and lasting peace. His experiences brought him into face to face negotiations with rebels and close contact with local and international humanitarian and emergency agencies.

He worked closely with the United Nations, with members of the international community, and with British and African military forces.

Twice evacuated, he spent 10 months running his mission from a hotel room in neighbouring Guinea. In recognition of his efforts he was appointed a Paramount Chief by the Sierra Leone people and made a Freeman of the city of Freetown.

Claudine Désirée
Project Development
Claudine was born and raised in NYC in a trilingual (French, Spanish, English) home as the oldest of three. In 1981 she began her University studies in Geography at UC Berkeley, in California, and went on to complete both her BA (’85) and MA (’95) in Geography at UC Santa Barbara. She also spent a year (’83-’84) at Aix-en-Provence at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques studying International Relations, as well as a year in Geneva (’86-’87) at the Graduate Institute for Development Studies.

While preparing to work in the international environmental field, she was happily sidetracked for 10 years giving birth and raising her 3 wonderful sons, all at home. During this time Claudine became a certified Yoga Instructor and Thai Yoga Massage Therapist and Instructor. She continued her passion for sustainable living through hands-on practical skills in the fields of natural building, photovoltaics, greywater systems, rainwater harvesting, organic gardening, compost toilets, chickens and permaculture.
She has a special interest in cob building and built 2 earthen studios on her property in downtown Santa Cruz, held 4 or 5 workshops a year, and worked as a consultant for owner-builders of cob projects.

Recently Claudine went back to graduate school receiving a second Masters, in International Environmental Policy (’10,) from the Monterey Institute for International Studies in California. In October 2010, she completed a one-month certification program in Ecovillage Design Education at the Findhorn Foundation in north Scotland.

Through her partnership in the Peacebuildings team, Claudine is able to coalesce all her passions: international work, education in sustainable living including energy efficiency, natural building, ecovillage design and support for personal and spiritual development.

Dave Barr
IT Manager
I am “barrd”, Geek, not a Nerd! That said…
After sitting in a dark room for the better part of three years teaching myself all things tech, I launched into an esoteric life of coding, website design, database schema madness and lots of coffee.

Some 20 odd years later, working alongside the likes of Neville Brody, Adobe, Agfa, CricInfo, Eduserv, FontWorks, Silicon Graphics etc ad infinitum, by pure chance I arrived at Peacebuildings doorstep in perfect time to let my talents intermingle with the team.

They align the needs for the project perfectly with my "propeller head" mentality, pedantic attention to detail, background of spiritual communities and reciprocal nature.
During the last ten or so years I have also travelled the world, stopping off at 35 (thus far) countries with not much more than a rucksack, a perpetual need of money to eat and a smile.

Not all the tales I now regale are happy, comical or whimsical. I have faced real dangers, journeyed through parts less seen and lived / worked in what are essentially war-zones.

I understand the need for peace.

My wish is that the enthusiasm I have for life, work and play will all serve to help our team bring to fruition the goals of this stirring, awe-inspiring enterprise.


Gordon Seaton
Project Manager
Gordon has a varied background - as a Project Manager, Chartered Engineer, musician and erstwhile military officer. He enjoys shouldering responsibility and making good things happen, often against the wind and tide of today's minimal-risk culture and gains great pleasure in engaging with music ("the soul of the world embodied in sounds").

His witnessing the awful devastation in Sierra Leone's civil war when he served there as a United Nations Military Observer in 2001 was a fundamental turning point in his life, which fuelled a personal journey – of giving more of himself to others and seeking peace. He organised a tour to Scotland from Freetown for young war-scarred blind musicians in 2003, and thereafter continued his link with them, returning to Freetown in 2004 to spend time with them in more peaceful circumstances.
Sierra Leone's tragedy was not fuelled by famine or drought, or even ethnic hatred - but was driven beyond the edge of horror by the greed and hunger for possessions of only a few. For some of the poorest and most troubled people on earth, their most fundamental desire above all else was peace; and with so many earlier values having been questioned and tested in such a theatre of human tragedy and destruction, Gordon realised that the paths to true peace, love and love of life are rarely paved with gold. All people need seek only peace - not the illusions of success.

Peter Murray
Chartered Engineer
A graduate of Nottingham University, I have been involved in structural design for over 30 years, both as a Lecturer and as Director of Leonard Murray & Associates Ltd.

I have worked with Graham Brown on numerous projects where the Reciprocal Frame has been successfully utilised to create unique buildings for specialist residential or commercial clients.

The current analysis and design routine for the Reciprocal Frame was developed 'in-house' by my company and is, in itself, a reflection of the fundamental way in which the frame works.
I feel that the Reciprocal Frame has a structural design attraction which belies its apparently simple imagery - not least because of the interdependence of the primary members.

The appeal of the system from a structural viewpoint derives from its uniqueness combined with the variability which arises with each now project. For me, it is a pleasure to be able to make a contribution to the expanding use of the Reciprocal Frame.

Samantha Langford
Editorial / Photographer
Samantha, having lived in Scotland nearly all her life, has become accustomed to being spoilt by the beauty of nature, thus allowing her to indulge in her passion for creative writing and photography.

Whilst raising her three sons she undertook study in Creative Art and Textile / Interior Design, Counselling, Social Care, TEFL, English Grammar and Communications, Child Development / Psychology and Equine Care.

After employment with pre-school children and within the Public Sector, she then went on to work for a Herbalist as a P.A, opening her eyes to alternative medicines and mind, body & spiritual development. Researching further alternative forms of healing led her to become a Reiki Master over a two year period.
Her love of animals called her to work with horses before moving into the animal farming industry, working with both cattle and pigs. Subsequently she found herself working with an organic Community Supported Agricultural Scheme both on the field and in administration, furthering her interest in sustainable living.

To quote the author Paulo Coelho – "The world only gets better because people risk something to make it better".

Having lived through many social and economic challenges, Samantha looks forward to witnessing further global changes as part of the Peacebuildings team.

Sarah Brown
Admin, PA & Research
Born in Leicester, I received a Rudolf Steiner education until secondary school where I attended Forres Academy.

After leaving school I worked in the family business gaining experience with the public, making quotations, PA / Research work and installing Warmcel insulation.

At 21 I studied Fine Art, firstly in Doncaster, then Moray School of Art. I concentrated on political and environmental issues through the mediums of sculpture and photography. These issues left me wondering…

What do I want to do with my life?
Travelling was my way of answering the question…

So I saved and with my hard earned, at 26 I decided to volunteer with a GP (General Practitioner) in one of the poorest areas of India plagued with infant death due to malnutrition.
We went there to construct a well and irrigation system that could provide water all year round. We also taught the children some rudimentary English and I aided the doctor in prenatal visitations and general medical care.

This was an huge eye opener and gave me a kick to try and help people in need.

Coming back from my travels I returned to Out of Nowhere to take on overall responsibility for the Warmcel business and small Reciprocal Frame projects.

Now here I am, the Peacebuildings Project… a place to do good, a place where the diversity of my skills can come together and be of service to people and places in need.

So Lets Party!

Bite Design
Archicad Support
Bite Design is a Graphisoft accredited Authorised ArchiCAD Centre.

Archicad is a BIM (Building Information Modelling) package that allows a designer to 3D model all aspects of a building, providing a detailed and accurate integration of information between architect, engineer and other building professionals. This methodology eradicates many errors in the design process and permits easy update of process and project information.

Bite have a long experience and association with Archicad and Graphisoft who are the creators of the program. They provide sales, training and support and all their staff are monitored by Graphisoft for their technical knowledge and all Bite training courses are certified by Graphisoft.
Peacebuildings adopted Archicad as our chosen architectural design tool as far back as 1995 when Graham Brown first showed the Reciprocal Frame to Gabar Bojar the Hungarian originator of Archicad at the CAD show in Birmingham. He was the only person in the show who was able to model the Reciprocal Frame.

Bite Design have been kind enough to provide Peacebuildings with an Archicad license free of charge and have repeatedly offered support and assistance in the Peacebuildings Project.

We offer our profound thanks and gratitude to all at Bite.

Jon Vaughan
SysAdmin / DBA
Jon Vaughan is a long time friend and working colleague of Dave Barr (Peacebuildings IT Manager). Jon has been an invaluable source of help and advice in the setting up of this server and site giving his time entirely without remuneration.

We are deeply indebted to Jon and give sincere thanks for his selfless professional services.

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