Uganda African Peace Hub - Munyonyo

The African Peace Hub is a project inspired, commissioned and inaugurated by President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, which can also be adopted by other heads of state across the African Continent.

The peace dividend across Africa is vast if this project can be successfully realised.

Outwardly the project is to build a Peace Haven at Munyonyo, on the banks of Lake Victoria, as a place where representatives of African nations can gather for dialogue related to peace and security in a safe, beautiful place designed and consecrated for the work.

Peacebuildings director, Graham Brown, worked with presidential aides to create a Reciprocal Frame design for the Peace Hub, which was inaugurated at the July summit of the African Union in 2010, with the consecration of a Symbolic Reciprocal Frame Peace Structure and project site by President Museveni.

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