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Santa Cruz, California

Discussions with John Ancic, Green Building Control Co-ordinator for Santa Cruz City.

Peacebuildings proposes to have the 8 metre Haiti design constructed by Californian high school students to emulate the community based skill set on Haiti. This building would then be transported in modular form to a Californian Shaking Table facility for assembly and test and finally reassembly on the school site as a gathering and council place for students. All this to be confirmed.

John advises that as this is a building for a school we will have to work under the more stringent building codes of the Department of the State Architects (DSA).
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Preliminary discussions with Jim Hackett of the DSA. Jim suggests that the shaking table test could pave the way for a specific type approval.

The more demanding the codes the safer the building for the people of Haiti. All Good.

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