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Haiti - US trip of Inauguration

Graham Brown is outbound to the US to consolidate various elements of Peacebuildings Haiti.

Principle objectives are;

  • To secure the testing of the full size 8 metre Reciprocal Frame design for Peacebuildings Haiti on a US earthquake simulation shaking table.
  • To bring a Californian school and its students into the project as the ones who would construct the building to be tested, thereby emulating the non professional skill set available on Haiti.
  • To inaugurate the project at a presentation at Goucher College Baltimore on 11th March.
  • To establish contacts with Haitian Embassy, Clinton Global Initiative, USAID, Partners In Health,
  • To establish links with the State University of Haiti.
  • To establish links with communities on Haiti.
  • To travel to Haiti to make on site assessments.
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